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IDentity / Cosmas-Damian Ltd.
Professor Lisbeth Illum
19 Cavendish Crescent North

The Park
CV (Curriculum Vitae) of the Pharmaceutical Consultant Professor Lisbeth Illum


Nottingham UniversityDanbiosyst (Uk) Ltd. (now Archimedes)Pharmaceutical Profiles Ltd.

Curriculum Vitae Professor Lisbeth Illum

Professor Lisbeth Illum was the founder and for 12 years the Managing Director of DanBioSyst UK Ltd. (sold in 1996 to West Pharmaceutical Services and now Archimedes Ltd), a company that specialises in Drug Delivery Systems. She was the Managing Director of Phaeton Research Ltd. (sold as a management buy-out in 2005 supported by 3i) and is now Director of IDentity, a consultancy company and the CEO of Critical Pharmaceuticals Ltd, a drug delivery company.

She is also associated with Nottingham University, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Dept. of Chemistry, as a Special Professor. She was awarded her M. Pharm, Ph. D and D.Sc. from the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy in 1972, 1978 and 1988, respectively. Her research expertise covers the area of novel drug delivery systems for difficult drugs such as polar small molecular weight compounds and peptides and proteins. She has studied the novel approaches to the delivery of such drugs using transmucosal routes such as the nasal, the oral and the vaginal. She has published more than 320 scientific papers (is among the top 100 most cited scientists on pharmacology, H index factor 51) and has co-edited four books including "Peptide Drug Delivery Systems" published by Plenum Press, 1986.

She has filed nearly fifty patens on novel drug delivery systems. She has been awarded the title of "Docent" in the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy and has been the recipient of several scientific awards. She has been elected a Fellow of the AAPS. She has lectured throughout the world at conferences and workshops. She is on the Editorial Boards of seven scientific journals. She was in 2008/2009 the President of the CRS and is now the Immediate Past President.